We are brand builders with a passion in creating the highest quality content that reveals excellence.

Who's excellence do we reveal? Yours. How do we do it? Through a unique process of discovery. To explain, we'll go on a quick vacation.


Planning Ahead

It's springtime. And in the spring, you spring ahead. You move the clocks forward. In this spin, it's a great time to plan for your summer vacation. A great time to look ahead. Summertime is the great American time to getaway. Where do we all go? The places that we go back to year after year.

Just like any journey, signs and symbols help you find your way. In our process of branding, we'll make it that simple! So as you turn the clocks forward, select the •icon to the right, to navigate in the right direction.

Going Back

In the summer getaway, we go back to the places where our traditions were born. It's there our stories have roots. It's there our memories dwell. It's a different kind of home. It's simpler. It's more enjoyable. It's without stress. It's free. We'll, maybe not for most people going on the trip. But it's free spirited! And so to move in the right direction, sometimes we go back. A good perspective as any direction is positive when building your brand.

And so as we present the supporting art for the introduction to our services, we go back to the simple. The symbol. Symbols have been around for all of time. They help to connect generations and cultures that may communicate through different languages. Symbols create a unified language and when it's time to build the symbols that define your brand, we do it in a way that they can travel from generation to generation. We brand them timeless!

Your Home

In our process of branding, we always go to where your story began. Your traditions. Your roots. It's in those places that a brand has purpose. And we use associations and symbols in our process to orient you in a perspective and to help guide you back to the destination of where it all began. That's why we use the summer association so that you can put yourself in that frame of reference. If you build your brand from that place, your second home, you know where you're headed.

Once we locate this destination for your brand, we infuse those elements into every fiber of your material. In one perspective, it's your dna. And so in this light, all your branded material has a common thread that in time, will find its connection.


The Memory Bank

When you reach your summer destination that you go back to year after year, it's not just a town you're driving into, it's a memory bank. A reservoir that's filled with recollections. And it’s the people that were part of those experiences and recollections that makes the summer destination what it is. It's that unique combination and equity that gives that town its pulse. It reveals what you value. That’s why it’s special.

In the process of branding, you bring along and include those people that are part of your experience. As you move along further in the process of branding, you'll learn they are a part of your identity. Because without interaction of your values and those special people, your identity has no canvas to exist.

The People Connection

Can you put yourself in that place that you go back too? Do it for a brief moment. Take a minute and imagine you're there. If you went there as a child, chances are, you feel like a kid again as you make your way through. To one person, your summer destination could be a town, but to you, it's more. It's somehow weaved into your identity. Think about that line for a moment. And think about not having that place to go. It's tough to do because that landscape holds the memories and experiences that shaped the person you are.

In the process of branding, it's those places and experiences that we look for. We don't ask you about vacation, rather we do it in other ways that helps us to tap into the closest portrait of the where's and why's to your choices. This is where psychology and the art of branding come together.

The Catalyst

To understand the concpet of branding a bit further, think of that summer place. In one perspective, it's nothing more then a geographical location. But in the another perspective, it's how you blend into that frame of reference and environment that makes it what it is.

. In a similar frame, you can view each of these images as a simple symbol. Or you can view them as the catalyst of what we aim to capture in the process of branding. It's not a picture or a clip, it's a memory that shapes the identity of who you are. It's why you're there and who you're with that tells your story, and in many cases, it's not the place at all, rather what brought you there. We don't think about these things, because we just go back to places we're connected too. The process of branding reveals the catalyst of what connects us, not what we're connected too. If you find yourself going in circles reading this, a connection is made, but it's not grounded. To be grounded, you need to see a connection.


The Scene

How do we see a connection? How do we preserve the connection that we may overlook? To understand this concept, we'll offer a simple demonstration: If this B were to represent your brand or better yet, the relationship of the town you go back too, is that all you are or all the town is? Is it just what you see? Or is there more to you and to your relationship with that town then what's beneath the surface? Take a minute and really look at this letter. What do you see?

If you take the time to look at what's on the inside, you'll see what shapes this B, and it's the letter C. Can you C it? Isn't this a simple demonstration that reprsents all of us?

Connection & Communication

You may be asking how's all this relate to branding? It's confusing! Our answer is, you're right! We took you on this spring spin because many agencies or companies operate from a philosphy or strategy that can simply put, spin you in circles. It can sound smooth and right, but it's just selling a process that leads to nowhere. And it leaves its mark in branding society. In order to cut through, we've created something unique, just as you experienced with the C. It's simple! An it all starts with the simple symbol. The pictographs or logos. The brandmarks and icons. It's these items that will use as a tool to offer a view that has with it the ability to inspire a new perspective, immediately. Just as you've experienced with the BC. That's the shift that can provide the breakthroughs for any industry.

Into Material

In the process of branding, you can get lost in material, and go round and round and it can be costly. In our process, we take the time to slow down and reveal what's branded in the material. And that's you. The person. The story. The company. The town. It’s the core. As you move on from this point, we don't want you to spin away. You'll see we present discoveries that are found in the simple, not the complex philosophies of branding or life. That's where it's refreshing. It's in the simple that we can help reach your goals. That's how your branding connection is made. And as we celebrate what's on the inside, our next addition to the J.Tierra brand is in respect to the small business.

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